Video Project

This is going to be my favorite project in this class. I love video editing and I’ve been doing it for almost three years. I had a hard time pinning down what I wanted to do. At first, I wanted to do something similar to AMV Hell. I wanted to compile some clips from TV shows and movies I have on my computer and make edits. I have done something like that before and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I am under a time constraint and I am unable to do that.

What I will be doing instead is a parody of the show My Strange Addiction. This will be much simple to do and it will be a lot easier for me to edit. As I am typing, I am already writing down the script for this skit. As to what I’m “addicted” to? I’ll just leave that as a secret…


NEWSY: First Impressions

NEWSY is a news site that is on the rise. It has a basic layout with different outlines. The articles are just articles.

However, the documentaries are a whole other experience.

Now granted, it’s not the first news site to do this. VICE is famous for their documentaries. NEWSY makes their own documentaries as well. What sets them apart from VICE is that NEWSY doesn’t exclusively focus on horrifying content.

NEWSY hosted a video involving E-Sports and how it’s influencing media.

NEWSY is a news site that I can see myself using in the future. It doesn’t send me into sensory overload compared to other news sites. I may binge watch more of the documentaries, but I do prefer VICE’s documentaries better. Maybe it’s because they cover more horrifying content that I’m into.

I recommend it.

Why Hyperlocal News Doesn’t Make the Cut

When people hear about hyperlocal news, they think of what is in their area. There are a wide variety of hyperlocal news sites but they die out after some time. Why hasn’t there been a demand for it? The market is there.

My theory is that no one knows how to go about it. At least, without resorting to questionable methods. Think about it. Everyone is more concerned with the world or what the latest tweet Donald Trump has said. Not many are into hyperlocal news because it’s not exciting. They could resort to relying on clickbait, but that will only tarnish the reputation of hyperlocal news.

The closest thing I could say that hyperlocal news has a market is Florida Headlines. The Florida headlines…are out there. You hear something about the Florida Man doing something crazy like streak and throw his feces while on crack. That gets attention and clicks. And even then I don’t count that because it’s all over the state.

Will hyperlocal news make it? I highly doubt. Unless if they resort to clickbait.

Photojournalism Project

My photojournalism project is going to cover urban decay in Ybor City. Urban Decay is exactly what you think it is. Abandoned buildings surrounded by an overgrowth of plants and disrepair. Ybor City has a lot of things going for it, but there are quite a lot of abandoned buildings in Ybor. There’s even a few where the planned baseball stadium that I want to cover before they vanish.

Now of course I won’t be breaking into the buildings. First of all, I don’t want damage property. Second, I don’t want to be arrested for trespassing when all I wanted was to take photos. I do know there is the burnt Ybor Spa building that I want to cover. There is quite a lot of history behind it and allegations of hauntings behind it. I know I want to cover that. However, there has been some stuff going on with the building. Some are saying it may get demolished and others are saying that it’s going to be restored. I’m not sure what will happen to the building, but I want to be there before something happens.

Service Journalism for The Renaissance Faire

I haven’t seen anyone talk about the Renaissance Faire in Tampa Bay so that’s what I chose to make a service piece on.

I’ve been attending the Renaissance Faire since 2010 and I will be coming back for my eighth year in a row. A lot of people tend to think that because it’s a Renaissance Faire, its only reserved for only nerds and kids. This is not true and I believe anyone can enjoy it.

Aside from the various vendors selling products, there’s various shows to attend for both kids and adults. Although, the more raunchier shows you had to wait until 4 until close to catch them.

Then there’s also various events that happen exclusively on certain days. For example, one day may be dedicated to steampunk and another will be dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day.

I love the Renaissance Faire and I always get excited when it comes around at this time of year. I’ve always had fun there and I want more people to come visit.




Why the Chickens?

Not a day goes by where I talk about the chickens. I truly am the crazy old chicken dude.

Every morning, I go out to the Centennial Park in Ybor and pay a visit to the chickens. Sometimes, I will bring dried corn and feed them to the chickens. The chickens gather about, clucking and picking for the corn. Sometimes, the hens will alert their chicks and teach them to eat.

The chickens of Ybor are long descended from the chickens that set foot on Ybor in the early 1900s. They were predominantly used for food, entertainment, and even became pets.

There are a couple of chickens scattered about at my campus. Despite them being chickens, they are just as much of a historic icon as cigars in Ybor. They are one of the many legacies of Ybor City.

Not many students at my college realize this, but I hope they appreciate them more. Who knows, maybe they’ll feed the chickens too.

The Interviewing Process

I will be honest, I don’t like social interaction. Interviews are a beast to deal with. Having to interact with your interviewee, setting up questions, and then actually doing the interview is rather nervewrackng.

I contacted Dylan through his email on the Ybor Chicken Website. It did take a while for him to respondĀ  because he did go through a flu.Of course, you can’t force a flu out of someone. The best you could do is sit and wait.

I chose Dylan Breese for my interview. The reason why I chose him is becauseĀ of his dedication to the Ybor Chickens. He cares a lot about them and is willing to do anything to help him. That’s admirable in a person. I’m glad Dylan is helping the chickens and is educating the masses about the feathered residents. They are an important part of Ybor’s history and is what set it apart fro other cities.