Video Project

This is going to be my favorite project in this class. I love video editing and I’ve been doing it for almost three years. I had a hard time pinning down what I wanted to do. At first, I wanted to do something similar to AMV Hell. I wanted to compile some clips from TV shows and movies I have on my computer and make edits. I have done something like that before and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I am under a time constraint and I am unable to do that.

What I will be doing instead is a parody of the show My Strange Addiction. This will be much simple to do and it will be a lot easier for me to edit. As I am typing, I am already writing down the script for this skit. As to what I’m “addicted” to? I’ll just leave that as a secret…


One thought on “Video Project

  1. Catherine,
    I am so envious of you. When it comes to filming and editing I am envious of people who look at it like any other project. I recall last semester having that project, I procrastinated. It wasn’t because I couldn’t make up my mind which project I wanted to do. It was because I needed to figure out how to go about doing the project. Then, gather the material and dig in.
    I always do the best I possibly can. But when I go about a project I’m always a bit cautious due to not being totally certain of myself in what I am doing.
    Keep up with your good work. Perhaps someday soon you will have the time to edit the project you want to do.


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