Why Hyperlocal News Doesn’t Make the Cut

When people hear about hyperlocal news, they think of what is in their area. There are a wide variety of hyperlocal news sites but they die out after some time. Why hasn’t there been a demand for it? The market is there.

My theory is that no one knows how to go about it. At least, without resorting to questionable methods. Think about it. Everyone is more concerned with the world or what the latest tweet Donald Trump has said. Not many are into hyperlocal news because it’s not exciting. They could resort to relying on clickbait, but that will only tarnish the reputation of hyperlocal news.

The closest thing I could say that hyperlocal news has a market is Florida Headlines. The Florida headlines…are out there. You hear something about the Florida Man doing something crazy like streak and throw his feces while on crack. That gets attention and clicks. And even then I don’t count that because it’s all over the state.

Will hyperlocal news make it? I highly doubt. Unless if they resort to clickbait.


2 thoughts on “Why Hyperlocal News Doesn’t Make the Cut

  1. Hey Catherine. I agree with what you said that a lot of people want to learn more about the whole world instead of only reading news on small communities. I am not sure if hyperlocal news are going to be a successful thing in the future either. However, I also like the idea of being able to find local news in a single website. I believe hyperlocal websites has its cons and pros.


  2. Hi! I think this is a great statement. Local news just doesn’t seem to catch the eye of anyone when there’s drastic worldwide news being put out 24/7. I agree with everything you said.


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