NEWSY: First Impressions

NEWSY is a news site that is on the rise. It has a basic layout with different outlines. The articles are just articles.

However, the documentaries are a whole other experience.

Now granted, it’s not the first news site to do this. VICE is famous for their documentaries. NEWSY makes their own documentaries as well. What sets them apart from VICE is that NEWSY doesn’t exclusively focus on horrifying content.

NEWSY hosted a video involving E-Sports and how it’s influencing media.

NEWSY is a news site that I can see myself using in the future. It doesn’t send me into sensory overload compared to other news sites. I may binge watch more of the documentaries, but I do prefer VICE’s documentaries better. Maybe it’s because they cover more horrifying content that I’m into.

I recommend it.


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