Service Journalism for The Renaissance Faire

I haven’t seen anyone talk about the Renaissance Faire in Tampa Bay so that’s what I chose to make a service piece on.

I’ve been attending the Renaissance Faire since 2010 and I will be coming back for my eighth year in a row. A lot of people tend to think that because it’s a Renaissance Faire, its only reserved for only nerds and kids. This is not true and I believe anyone can enjoy it.

Aside from the various vendors selling products, there’s various shows to attend for both kids and adults. Although, the more raunchier shows you had to wait until 4 until close to catch them.

Then there’s also various events that happen exclusively on certain days. For example, one day may be dedicated to steampunk and another will be dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day.

I love the Renaissance Faire and I always get excited when it comes around at this time of year. I’ve always had fun there and I want more people to come visit.





2 thoughts on “Service Journalism for The Renaissance Faire

  1. I most definitely agree with you Catherine! the Renaissance fair is so much fun. the last time I went was when I was still a kid. but from what I remember the food was the best. my favorite was the big turkey legs. they were so big it was practically a meal on its own. I also liked how many people dressed up with the theme and had games for the kids like ring toss. viewing most of the merchandise that the vendors had there gave me an insight to what kind of lifestyle people had during the Renaissance age.


  2. It’s been a few years since I’ve gone but I really can’t wait to go this year. When I was a kid I swore I thought I had seen a real fairy there, and the magic stayed with me until I got a good deal older. I look forward to taking my girlfriend there soon because I don’t think she’s ever gone. It’s something unlike any other experience in this area honestly, it’s just so unique. I work at a restaurant close to MOSI so on Saturdays we get a lot of people coming from the faire, and it’s funny to hear what my coworkers think of all the older people dressed up showing cleavage.


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