Why the Chickens?

Not a day goes by where I talk about the chickens. I truly am the crazy old chicken dude.

Every morning, I go out to the Centennial Park in Ybor and pay a visit to the chickens. Sometimes, I will bring dried corn and feed them to the chickens. The chickens gather about, clucking and picking for the corn. Sometimes, the hens will alert their chicks and teach them to eat.

The chickens of Ybor are long descended from the chickens that set foot on Ybor in the early 1900s. They were predominantly used for food, entertainment, and even became pets.

There are a couple of chickens scattered about at my campus. Despite them being chickens, they are just as much of a historic icon as cigars in Ybor. They are one of the many legacies of Ybor City.

Not many students at my college realize this, but I hope they appreciate them more. Who knows, maybe they’ll feed the chickens too.


One thought on “Why the Chickens?

  1. I see chickens all the time near the library! I never realized how “historic” they were until now. I kind of feel bad that I never really fed them but I think that’s very sweet of you that you feed them. I know it means a lot to those chickens. But, I always thought they were roasters because of the noises they make. Hmm, but hey you can be right. Who knows. Nice blog! Keep feeding the chickens!


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