The Interviewing Process

I will be honest, I don’t like social interaction. Interviews are a beast to deal with. Having to interact with your interviewee, setting up questions, and then actually doing the interview is rather nervewrackng.

I contacted Dylan through his email on the Ybor Chicken Website. It did take a while for him to respond  because he did go through a flu.Of course, you can’t force a flu out of someone. The best you could do is sit and wait.

I chose Dylan Breese for my interview. The reason why I chose him is because of his dedication to the Ybor Chickens. He cares a lot about them and is willing to do anything to help him. That’s admirable in a person. I’m glad Dylan is helping the chickens and is educating the masses about the feathered residents. They are an important part of Ybor’s history and is what set it apart fro other cities.


2 thoughts on “The Interviewing Process

  1. I have to admit I was nervous too for it being my first interview ever. its so cool that you chose a piece about something that you are passionate about. it seems like you learned a lot with this interview. I definitely got a lot out of my interview as well even with the few questions I had I was able to retain a lot of information that I never knew before. keep up the good work. It get easier dealing with the nerves the more you do it.


  2. Hi Catherine,
    I definitely understand what you mean about the interviewing process being a beast to tackle, I felt the exact same way. There was just something about the whole “conducting the interview” part that I found extremely difficult and gave me an insane amount of anxiety. The awesome thing to note is that you did it and did not let your struggles get the best of you, you should be SO proud of yourself. Also, I had to tell myself that this was my first interview, of course it is going to make me anxious! I cannot wait to read your story all about the cute chickens!


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