Interview Questions

My interviewee is Dylan Breese. He is the founder and president of the Ybor Chicken Society. The Society dedicates itself into bringing harmony to small businesses and the feathered residents of Ybor City.


What exactly drove you to create the Ybor Chicken Society?

Aside from the weekly Sweep and Sleep, are there any activities that the Society hosts?

Why do you think it’s important to care about the chickens?

I noticed on your website, there is a fostering program. Can you go into detail about that?

Which incident involving the chickens do think is the worst? (Incident meaning like any altercations with a human or animal.)

Do you have a favorite chicken in particular?

Is there any particular reason for the chicken names?

What is the biggest challenge you have met thus far with caring for the chickens?

What do you like most about the Society?

What are your plans for the Society in the future?



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