Who to Interview?

One person that is a big consideration is Dylan, the founder of the Ybor Chicken Society. The Ybor Chicken Society is exactly what you think it is: a society dedicated to the chickens roaming Ybor City. But there’s more it than that. One of Dylan’s main goals is to preserve a harmony between the chickens and the businesses of Ybor.

Dylan has a big passion for those birds and so do I. Ybor city would not be the same without them. The Chickens have a long history with Ybor City and it’s important to educate the people and protect our feathered friends

The Ybor Chicken Society has a instagram that you can follow @yborchickens.

They are also dealing with one of their chickens, Ricky sustaining being burnt alive. Thankfully, the First Ladies Farm is taking care of him but they need help with paying for medical expenses. You can donate to the Ybor Chicken Society in the link provided below:




One thought on “Who to Interview?

  1. I love chickens! I am excited to read your story and see the plans he has for the well-being of the chickens. I am glad they have a partnership with First Ladies Farm and are able to take care of Ricky, hopefully he recovers soon!


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