For those unaware, the FCC introduced a new bill that would lead to the death of net neutrality. How will they kill it, may you ask? It’s simple:

Get customers not only pay $75-$100 on Internet, but have them pay extra for “Premium Packages” like social media websites and access to email for an additional $5.99 a month. Then, companies can slow websites they feel aren’t getting the traffic, but will speed others that make them the money.

Net Neutrality allows to do everything on the Internet for free without the fear of corporations getting involved. Now is the time to be concerned

Many companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon are all in support of this. The FCC does not care about your disdain for this bill.

There’s a few ways to stop this and to save Net Neutrality.

  1. Contact your reps. Contact them via Email or phone and voice your concern for this bill. It can help them say No
  2. Go to . They will give you advice on how to cntact your reps, sign a petition, and where to go to protests.

The vote will be determined on Dec. 14. We will know the decision on Dec. 15.

Save the Internet. Don’t let corporate greed ruin our freedom of the Internet.


2 thoughts on “SAVE NET NEUTRALITY!

  1. They controversy with net neutrality is insane. The internet provides freedom of information and this is just another way for the government to control the spread of knowledge. This affects everyone in society, most notably the lower class who can’t financially support the internet, let alone with legal limitations. The people in society have a voice and the internet is one of the biggest platforms for it, I couldn’t agree more for saving it.


  2. I think this is a really good call to action kind of blog post. It informs the reader quickly and renders advice on how to get mobilized! The inclusion of the very tangible ‘package deal’ sort of proposition being put forward by Internet service providers also does wonders to get the reader to make sense of what they are reading!

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