Red Lipstick for a Fascist Pig

It seems like with the event that went down at the University of Florida, there’s been a load of debate about freedom of speech and what it really means. Especially when it comes to things like hate speech and spewing propaganda. There is also talk about the normalization of Nazism in America.

Freedom of Speech is the MOST misunderstood concept on both real life and on the internet. Freedom of Speech protects you from being jailed or sued for speaking against the government. Of course, there’s certain things you can’t say like threaten to kill the president. On top of that, Freedom of Speech allows you to do things like state opinions or block people because you don’t like their opinion and not be sued or jailed.

Freedom of Speech does not protect you from freedom of consequence. If you say something that is nazi propaganda or just something bigoted, be prepared for backlash. Be prepared to get banned from places, events, and even website because *gaaaaaasp* your words have consequences.

And as for Nazism in America, it’s been decided that after the murder of a protester in Charlottesville, Nazis are a-okay in America.

Don’t even get me started on Monsieur Trump’s speech surrounding the incident.

Wait, aren’t these people called the “alt-right”?

That’s what they want you to believe.

“alt” implies new. the “alt-right” is supposed to be a new take on Republicans, much like how grunge was an alternative take on classic rock bands. But let’s be real, they’re Nazis. They share the same symbols and spout the same rhetoric.

I am ashamed of how many people are becoming complacent with Nazism in America. I am also ashamed of how people are allowing them to speak in public venues. I understand they have Freedom of speech but when that speech turns into the desire to kill marginalized groups and even spewing disgusting propaganda about the “master race” and pardon my French…BULLSHIT like how your skin color determines your intelligence…it needs to be shut down.


One thought on “Red Lipstick for a Fascist Pig

  1. I am so glad to see someone discussing this. I can’t understand how Nazism is even a discussion, I thought we would have agreed as a society that the death of six million people was a bad idea. Yet, in present day we are still facing the opposition. One of my professors had mentioned how the best response to Richard Spencers appearance would have been to refuse to give him an audience. To let him talk to an empty auditorium, to let him talk to himself.


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