McDonald’s Failure to Bring Back the Szechuan Sauce Angers Rick and Morty Fans

McDonald’s was faced with a quite a disaster yesterday. Many fans of the hit TV show Rick and Morty were faced with sheer joy as the company announced the Szechuan sauce would return for a limited time. Although what the company failed to tell their customers was that the sauce was only available at certain McDonald’s locations and was limited to only 20 sauce packs.

The backlash that McDonald’s world receive was massive. Many Rick and Morty fans took it to Twitter and tweeted their frustrations with the company. Long lines formed at various McDonald’s restaurants, some said to last as long as three hours. There are also allegations of fights breaking out and police getting involved with the absurd lines. One Mcdonald’s in particular was bombarded by many fans chanting “Szechuan sauce! Szechuan sauce!”

McDonald’s has issued an apology for the entire ordeal. Many people aren’t willing to forgive the chain for not having the Szechuan sauce.


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